The Good Doctor – Mastering the Art of PostgreSQL Health

We’re inspired by the compelling and thought-provoking Netflix series “The Good Doctor” It follows the remarkable journey of Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgical resident with autism and savant syndrome. As he navigates the challenges of a prestigious hospital, Shaun’s … Read More

Introducing pg_cron – The Automation task master

The pg_cron extension is a PostgreSQL extension that allows you to schedule regular database tasks using the familiar cron syntax. Any tasks that need to be done at regular intervals, such as data archiving, partitioning, creating or deleting backup sets, … Read More

Autovacuum Gotchas in Fast-Paced Environments

“Readers don’t block readers, writers don’t block writers” Is a common principle in database management that emphasizes the importance of concurrency and scalability. The principle states that readers should be able to read data simultaneously without blocking each other, and … Read More

Divide & Conquer with Partitioning and Sharding

As we keep adding data to a database, we often reach a point where both read and write operations on the database become extremely cost prohibitive. While it indicates a thriving business and is good in a way, the flip … Read More

Connection Pooling with pgBouncer: A Primer

Imagine that you were running a promotion for your blog or website, and it caught the attention of Sarah Connor, who immediately tweeted a link to your website on her channel. How would you feel about it? Would you feel … Read More

Unveiling the mystery of Postgres Backups for my peeps

Introduction When it comes to backing up PostgreSQL databases, there are several tools available. Three popular ones are pg_basebackup, pgBarman, and pgBackRest. While they all serve the same purpose, they have some significant differences that can impact your backup strategy. … Read More


I have always been curious to look at a certain Postgres backend connection’s memory consumption. With this new pg_backend_memory_contexts view, we can now take a closer look at how much of memory is exactly allocated for a given Postgres backend … Read More

An intern’s View of PostgreSQL

About Postgres (the What) PostgreSQL  is a powerful open source RDBMS . It has gained a  strong confidence for reliability , data integrity and correctness . It is known as the  most advanced open source database system. It runs on … Read More

Fetch parameters & metadata datatype of Procedure/Function

In an interesting discussion with one of our Customers’ Development team, a question came up: “Do you have a query to get the list of input/output parameters in the defined sequence for a given procedure/function?” Obviously, we did two things … Read More

PostgreSQL 15 New Features (Part – 2)

This year, PostgreSQL’s major upgrade, pg15 was released on 13th October 2022. Here, we examine some more of the new features that were incorporated into release pg15. If you have not reviewed Part – 1 of this series, you can … Read More