Unlocking Initial Sync for Logical Replication in AWS RDS for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL’s logical replication is handled through publications and subscriptions. Publications define what data to replicate, while subscriptions specify which server receives the updates. Initial synchronization ensures the subscriber has all the data. Common methods include: Snapshot: Copies all data at … Read More

The Good Doctor – Mastering the Art of PostgreSQL Health

We’re inspired by the compelling and thought-provoking Netflix series “The Good Doctor” It follows the remarkable journey of Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgical resident with autism and savant syndrome. As he navigates the challenges of a prestigious hospital, Shaun’s … Read More

Postgres Minor Release Day!

The PGDG – PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released a Minor upgrade on all the supported versions of PostgreSQL 11 – 15. There’re a few things that caught my attention and are worth mentioning… Of course, the release fixes two … Read More

Postgres Beyond the Basics: Exploring Extensibility

Introduction: Postgres extensions are modules that can be added to the Postgres database management system to extend its functionality. These extensions can provide additional features, data types, operators, and functions that are not available in the core Postgres system. Examples … Read More

Autovacuum Gotchas in Fast-Paced Environments

“Readers don’t block readers, writers don’t block writers” Is a common principle in database management that emphasizes the importance of concurrency and scalability. The principle states that readers should be able to read data simultaneously without blocking each other, and … Read More

Six Strategies for Improving Customer Experience (CX) & Customer Success (CS)

Why is Customer Success your golden ticket to business success? In the last post, I shared my interest and learning experience on PostgreSQL. In this blog, I will share more details on Why Customer Success is crucial for any business. … Read More

Face-to-face Event Creates a Global Impact

I recently attended my first tech conference, and here I’ll talk about my experience and takeaways. In conferences like this, we would of course be very excited to witness the presentations from well-established professionals who know their stuff; but in … Read More

PostgreSQL 14 New Features – Cool little things

I will be honest with this – I wasn’t sure about doing 100% justice to the 9-days & 9-part blog series to commemorate one of the biggest Festivals in India – Navratri Well, today, it’s a Wrap-up of the PostgreSQL … Read More

PostgreSQL 14 New Features – DBA Lifesavers

We have covered a considerable amount of PostgreSQL 14 features in our previous posts, they are: Performance enhancements Monitoring improvements New configuration parameters introduced Security Well, today is going to be a fun ride – New DBA Features in PG14, … Read More