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Database Change Management – PGSQL Phriday #009

The host for PGSQL Phriday #009 is Dian Fay, who has asked us to discuss Database change management. Introduction Database change management refers to the process of controlling and managing changes made to a database in a systematic and organized way. … Read More

Postgres Minor Release Day!

The PGDG – PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released a Minor upgrade on all the supported versions of PostgreSQL 11 – 15. There’re a few things that caught my attention and are worth mentioning… Of course, the release fixes two … Read More

Enable core dumps on Ubuntu, Debian, and Rocky Linux

Core dumps are often used to diagnose or debug errors in Linux or UNIX programs. Core dumps can serve as useful debugging aids for sysadmins to find out why an application or any other program crashed.This article provides some baselines … Read More

Postgres Triggers: Best Practices and Common Use Cases – PGSQL Phriday #007

PGSQL Phriday #007 – Be the James Bond of your Database – take risks, Create Triggers, and always remember that you have a license to thrill. Lætitia Avrot is hosting the #PGSQLPhriday 007 PGSQL Phriday is a monthly community blog event … Read More

Nested Composite Data Structures in Postgres

Data nesting is a way of organizing data in a hierarchical or nested structure, where one piece of data is related to another in a parent-child or one-to-many relationship. This approach can be particularly useful for storing complex data structures … Read More

Unveiling the mystery of Postgres Backups for my peeps

Introduction When it comes to backing up PostgreSQL databases, there are several tools available. Three popular ones are pg_basebackup, pgBarman, and pgBackRest. While they all serve the same purpose, they have some significant differences that can impact your backup strategy. … Read More

Six Strategies for Improving Customer Experience (CX) & Customer Success (CS)

Why is Customer Success your golden ticket to business success? In the last post, I shared my interest and learning experience on PostgreSQL. In this blog, I will share more details on Why Customer Success is crucial for any business. … Read More

Face-to-face Event Creates a Global Impact

I recently attended my first tech conference, and here I’ll talk about my experience and takeaways. In conferences like this, we would of course be very excited to witness the presentations from well-established professionals who know their stuff; but in … Read More

Why did I choose Postgres career and how I made it my best decision ever?

Well, just to set the groundwork before going gaga over PostgreSQL, in my previous avatar I was a Data Analyst, Program Manager dealing with creating business through approaching new and existing clients and providing a good customer experience. However, I … Read More

Safer Internet Day – The Postgres Way

The Internet is not a SAFE place. PERIOD!Well, YOU can make it Safer! At OpenSource DB, we took the standard DBA processes and turned them into Safe & Best practices. Read on to know more: Below are some processes that … Read More