PGConf India 2023

Face-to-face Event Creates a Global Impact

I recently attended my first tech conference, and here I’ll talk about my experience and takeaways. In conferences like this, we would of course be very excited to witness the presentations from well-established professionals who know their stuff; but in addition, some interesting things happen on the sidelines. For example, the conversations that happen in between the formal scheduling–the hallway chats, brainstorming over meals, and networking amongst other like-minded pros in the industry. PGConf India, 2023 was held from Feb 22-24, 2023 in the beautiful and warm city of Bangalore, India. With growing popularity and adoption of PostgreSQL, PGConf India has become one of the largest events in this part of the world.

We ( OpenSource DB ) are proud that Our team ventured out to meet the Postgres community (in-person, for the first time in a while!) and participate in exciting discussions around PostgreSQL use cases and latest developments. PGConf events are typically packed with in-depth content that helps us discover trends and understand the inner workings of the tool, and this year was no different.

The event began with a powerful keynotes with interesting discussions and training session from OpenSource DB’s Hari Kiran on “Simplifying the complexity of Database Partitioning” grabbed the attention of the attendees. Every presentation competes with a dozen other presentations that are just as interesting as I could imagine.

There are few other high quality presentations that are informative & engaging. i.e., “The joy and profitability of self-hosting FOSS” by Dr. Kailash Nadh from Zerodha.

Full Text Search: Capabilities of PostgreSQL and a Comparison with Elasticsearch Using Wikipedia Dataset” by Vaijayanti Bharadwaj from EnterpriseDB. 

How we are managing $675B+ assets for world’s most sophisticated asset managers and why we are moving from managed PostgreSQL to self-hosted community PostgreSQL” by M N Manikantan, Srinivasarao Oguri & Srikanth Medikonda from Arcesium.

Introduction to ‘WITH’ Queries and their Materialization by Divya Sharma from Amazon Web Services.

Deep dive of usage of Postgres in Zerodha and our learnings” by  Satyajit Sarangi from Zerodha.

AlloyDB – Cloud Native Postgres by Paresh Rathod from Google.

Future Postgres Challenges” by Bruce Momjian from EnterpriseDB. 

Running Production workloads on Postgres Operators in Kubernetes by Rejo Oommen from Lowe’s.

Rollback: Major Version Upgrade, Minimum Downtime, Multi Terabyte DB by Nikhil Shetty from Apple.

The three days of the conference were packed with excellent technical content, all about PostgreSQL. It was also great to see some more familiar faces at the event. Some of the recent Uptime speakers also presented at this Postgres conference. PGConf India, 2023 had talks, training sessions, panels, helpdesk and sprints, among others. Overall, I had a great experience at my first PGConf India, In 2023. I’ve met a ton of amazing people that worked in different areas but were all equally enthusiastic about PostgreSQL. PGConf India, 2023 was amazing, I can’t describe it with words, but I hope this quick overview can give an idea of how awesome it was.

The conference, I hope, has opened the doors of great possibilities for a lot of aspirants like me to excel in Customer Success and take business/organisations to the next level. Hearing from world-class brands as they draw upon real-life case studies showcasing the latest innovations based on customer demand, market trends, and the anticipation of users needs  to be helped me see Customer Success strategies for business transformation in a whole new light..

Image credits: Unsplash & PGConf India