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PostgreSQL Database Choices : Shared vs Separate for Microservices

In the ever-evolving realm of Microservices, one of the fundamental decisions developers face is whether to adopt a shared database model or opt for separate databases for each service. This blog aims to dissect both approaches, offering insights to help … Read More

Unlocking Initial Sync for Logical Replication in AWS RDS for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL’s logical replication is handled through publications and subscriptions. Publications define what data to replicate, while subscriptions specify which server receives the updates. Initial synchronization ensures the subscriber has all the data. Common methods include: Snapshot: Copies all data at … Read More

Fixing Standby Slot Problems with pg_auto_failover

Dealing with failover in PostgreSQL clusters has always been tricky, but now there’s a solution: pg_auto_failover. This awesome tool makes it super easy to keep an eye on failovers and resolve the fencing issue. So, how does it work? Well, … Read More

Using pg_index_watch for PostgreSQL Indexing

Let’s delve into exploring pg_index_watch. In this instalment, I will guide you through the rationale behind its creation and explain its operational nuances. Meet pg_index_watch – a utility for automagical rebuild of bloated indexes, an absolutely handly tool designed to … Read More

PostgreSQL User Management: Best Practices & Security Nuances

PostgreSQL – The World’s Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database and stands out as a robust and feature-rich solution, offering extensive capabilities for user management. Effective user management is important for ensuring data security, integrity, and accessibility within the platform. … Read More

Mastering PostgreSQL: Rollback to Savepoints !!

Introduction: The word “Transaction” will ring so many bells and whistles, but in this topic’s context a “Transaction” is a call to a database function or procedure that can have one or multiple DML operations like Insert, Update, or Delete. … Read More

Working with Keepalived and SELinux: Ensuring HA and Security

Introduction: In the realm of modern system administration, two paramount concerns often stand at the forefront: ensuring high availability and maintaining robust security. While high availability protocols and applications such as Keepalived have evolved to keep critical services online, SELinux, … Read More

PgCat – Connection Pooling Decoded – Part 1

Introduction PostgreSQL – The World’s Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database holds its ground as a formidable player in the Open-source Databases market. With respect to Connection scalability & Connection concentration layers, optimising connection pooling, load balancing, and replica failover … Read More

The Good Doctor – Mastering the Art of PostgreSQL Health

We’re inspired by the compelling and thought-provoking Netflix series “The Good Doctor” It follows the remarkable journey of Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgical resident with autism and savant syndrome. As he navigates the challenges of a prestigious hospital, Shaun’s … Read More

From Locking to Lockstar: Unveiling the enhancements in PostgreSQL 11 and 14

Understanding Locking in PostgreSQL Locking is like the security guard of databases, ensuring data integrity and preventing conflicts when multiple users access the database at the same time. In PostgreSQL, “AccessShareLock” locks were acquired on partitions and indexes before PostgreSQL … Read More