Why did I choose Postgres career and how I made it my best decision ever?

Well, just to set the groundwork before going gaga over PostgreSQL, in my previous avatar I was a Data Analyst, Program Manager dealing with creating business through approaching new and existing clients and providing a good customer experience. However, I was always keen to learn technology for better career opportunities.

My Experience in Learning Postgres

I started my research on RDBMSs and learned that PostgreSQL is a powerful database system that is known for its reliability, robustness, and performance. It has become the preferred database for a lot of enterprises. It is currently ranked 4 in popularity amongst 100s of databases worldwide. I was sold on just the idea of Postgres.

A little Market Research helped – PostgreSQL is widely used in almost every domain, every nook & corner of the planet (love the idea of naming the blogging website Planet PostgreSQL) The number of companies deploying PostgreSQL is growing every minute-by-minute and day-by-day, across the globe. PostgreSQL has a share of 17.19% in the relational-database market and has the potential to grow widely.

According to a survey, PostgreSQL Service providers claim that existing customers who are using their PostgreSQL Services are contributing up to 70% of their company’s sales, while 30% of their business is derived from new customers. Many companies are becoming more and more familiar with its advanced features. 

Learning PostgreSQL Can be your Career Booster

I do not have a lot of experience with PostgreSQL at the moment, but, take my word, you’d love the PostgreSQL Learning Journey, it was enjoyable to me, to say the least. My training went on for 30 days and I really had a great learning experience with OpenSource DB.

As we often refer to Data & Information – Data is the new Oil of the Digital Economy. PostgreSQL provides the perfect platform for dealing with data.

What am I doing now at OpenSource DB?

I am the Customer Success Manager at OpenSource DB working relentlessly to help the Prospects, Fellow Postgres enthusiasts and Our Esteemed Customers run their data-driven businesses successfully. Liasoning with the Technical Teams to manage the Customer Journey on how the databases are managed and how robust Customers’ database management systems are provisioned and taken care of.

At OpenSource DB, we blend industry experience and technical expertise to deliver a range of database services in collaboration with the best in the industry technology providers. We currently work with clients from a range of sectors, such as Financial Services, Manufacturing and HealthCare industries, and provide PostgreSQL implementation and support services. Our portfolio of services includes:

  •  Database management of your critical databases by a proven and expert team
  •  24/7 monitoring, service, and support for all your critical databases.
  •  Expert handling for your new data projects, migration, expansion, and scale-up for existing database applications.

Benefits of engaging with OpenSource DB

  • Get assured cost benefits, technical expertise and know-how.
  •  Set your talent free to manage your core business.

OpenSource DB has a team of PostgreSQL DBAs who can leverage Postgres in varied ways and turn it into a fast, functional, and powerful data resource irrespective of the underlying operating system – be it Linux, UNIX or Windows.

With years of experience in catering to client’s requirements, we have proved with our reliability, and sincerity, that we are one of the best Postgres DBA service providers in India, and the world over.

Partner with OpenSource DB and start your Database Services Journey.

For Business Enquiries Contact
Raviteja Reddy K
Customer Success Manager – OpenSource DB
Hyderabad, India | +91-8886 818 173 | https://opensource-db.com/

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