International Women’s Day @ OSDB

“Happy Women’s Day to my OpenSource DB (OSDB) Colleagues and Everyone Celebrating the Power of US”

Women @ OSDB in Kalyani’s words:

On this day, we want to recollect the efforts of all those Women who fought to bring change so that we are treated with respect and are having equal opportunities in the society.  We are fortunate to see the fruits of those efforts and societal changes, as Women have achieved so much in many different fields like Teaching, Entrepreneurship, Science, Medicine, Social Work, Information technology, etc.

We feel rather than talking about “Women Empowerment“, we should all learn to have “Human Empowerment”.  Human Empowerment where Men/Women share equal amounts of work, share equal amount of success/appreciation, have equality in all fields of education and work environment, etc. When that change comes in the society then no Women needs to fight for equal rights.

Our advice, we always strive to keep others happy, but being Happy is also very important. Never hesitate to seek help at home, work and at difficult situations in your life. Like we often say, tough times never last, tough people do, never stop to achieve your goals. Believing in one’s own abilities and confidently facing situations will surely help to achieve any dreams.

Being a Scrum Master @ OSDB my job is to drive success across Customer projects and champion the Internal & External relations and gain knowledge to achieve & inspire growth. With our strong SAFe Agile background, we implement incremental values to our company’s projects through Program Management and constantly imbibe the Core Values of OSDB across the board. We facilitate Sprint planning, Daily Scrum, Backlog grooming, and Retrospectives (yes, we make it a fun exercise).

Having a strong Corporate financial background, we’re able to nail down the market research and productize our Services in a profitable and growth oriented direction. At OSDB we strongly believe Gender equality, diversity and inclusion are about giving equal access and opportunities and removing the barriers of discrimination towards anyone. We strongly believe our work is appreciated and suggestions/ideas are given importance equally among all colleagues.

Women @ OSDB in Praveena’s words:

Life at a startup can be exciting, challenging, and unpredictable all at once. There’s a sense of creativity and innovation that imbibes the culture and everyone is working towards a shared goal of building something new and impactful. Startups often provide an environment that fosters collaboration, experimentation, and learning. We are proud to be part of a dynamic startup where every day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.

We understand that balancing work and family life can be demanding, but we are grateful for the chance to make a positive impact both in our careers and at home. We love seeing our children grow and learn, and we’ve made it a priority to spend quality time together and take care of ourselves. Small changes like taking regular walks or enjoying reading a good book have made a big difference in our overall happiness and well-being.

While finding time for personal pursuits can be difficult, we’ve discovered the importance of taking breaks and doing things that we enjoy. Even a short weekend getaway or a relaxing movie night can help us recharge and approach our work and family responsibilities with renewed energy.

Being an Operations manager @ OSDB my role is to oversee the day-to-day operations of our organization to ensure that it runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. Developing and implementing operational policies and procedures. Managing and optimizing the use of resources such as staff, equipment, and inventory

We are thankful for all the experiences life has to offer, and we hope that sharing our journey has inspired the Women in Tech to tackle your own challenges with enthusiasm and positivity.

Keep Smiling and Stay Strong, ALWAYS!!!

Happy International Women’s Day to One and All!!!

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