Women’s Equality Day

In a world that continues to evolve, the concept of equality stands as a beacon of progress and hope. The strides we’ve taken towards achieving equality, especially in the realm of the workplace, reflect not only our societal growth but also our commitment to creating an environment where every individual’s potential can flourish unhindered. As we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, we delve into the stories and perspectives of the remarkable women who contribute their talents and perspectives to our workforce. Their insights shed light on the journey we’ve undertaken towards true empowerment and the road that still lies ahead. Let’s hear directly from the folks about their experiences, challenges, and aspirations within the landscape of equality.


Prasanna Lakshmi P (Director @ OpenSource DB): Celebrating Women’s Equality Day as the Wife of an Entrepreneur!

Today, on Women’s Equality Day, I proudly stand as a wife supporting my Entrepreneur husband on his journey. It’s a day to acknowledge the importance of Equality, not only in society but also within our own lives.

As an Entrepreneur’s wife, I believe in equal partnership and mutual respect. Together, we navigate the challenges and triumphs, side by side, because Equality fuels the foundation of our relationship. In this role, I embrace the spirit of empowerment and advocate for equal opportunities, not just for myself but for all women striving to make their mark in this world. Let’s continue breaking barriers, supporting one another, and creating a more equitable future.

Hari P Kiran (Founder @ OpenSource DB): Celebrating Women’s Equality Day as a Founder, I am deeply inspired by the countless women who have shattered stereotypes, overcome challenges, and paved the way for innovation and progress.

Diversity fuels innovation, and when we empower women with equal opportunities, our companies, communities, and society as a whole flourishes. Let’s continue to champion gender Equality, challenge biases, and create environments where every individual’s talents can thrive. Here’s to the trailblazing women who drive positive change and the bright future they are forging. Let’s keep striving for a world where every voice is heard, and every dream knows no boundaries.

Brahmini Ratnam Meruva(Senior Data Engineer @ OpenSource DB): Women’s Equality often termed as gender parity, embodies the concept that both men and women should receive equitable treatment across all the aspects of our society. This encompasses equal rights, duties, and resource availability. The only thing that counts is mutual understanding and compassion for one another, which gradually leads to Equality and other things.

@OpenSource DB Central to this shared understanding and empathy, fostering a path towards Equality and broader positive outcomes across the teams. Rather than solely emphasising matched rights and obligations, a focus on the synergy of comprehension and empathy is paramount.

Kalyani Madipadiga(Program Manager @ OpenSource DB): On Women’s Equality Day, we celebrate mutual respect and equal opportunities in the workplace, family, and society. True Equality means valuing each other’s opinions, intentions, and experiences.

@OpenSource DB Promoting Equality has always been our top priority between men and women. Since day one, I’ve been fortunate to witness my opinions and suggestions being valued and acknowledged. As a united team, we respect each other’s ideas and hard work, fostering a positive and uplifting environment. This respect empowers us to tackle challenges together and strive for the success of our company.

Lahari Giddi (Software Engineer @ OpenSource DB): Reflecting on the status of women during our great-grandmothers’ era and comparing it to the present, we observe substantial transformation that warrants acknowledgment from both men and women. As representatives of the current generation, we are first hand witnesses to these changes and the privileges they bring. It’s our hope that the generations to come won’t need to set aside a specific day to celebrate women, as Equality will be the norm.

@OpenSource DB I am fortunate to experience first hand Equality at our workplace. I find it unnecessary to delve into lengthy discussions, instead I support the what-we-preach is what-we-do here. Thanks to one and all.

Praveena Sivasankar(Head of Ops @ OpenSource DB): As the pioneering woman to join the OSDB team, my experience has been marked by the ongoing presence of open doors to opportunities. One remarkable aspect of my journey here has been the freedom I’ve consistently been granted when it comes to selecting roles that resonate with my personal passions and interests.

@OpenSource DB This environment of inclusivity has not only empowered me but has also set a precedent for fostering a workplace culture where individuals are encouraged to pursue paths that align with their aspirations and strengths.

Sai Nalini Kurada(Senior Database Engineer @ OpenSource DB): As a First-time Mom-to-be: Empowering and educating mothers has a transformative impact that extends far beyond individual lives. By providing mothers with the tools to make informed choices, we enable them to become advocates for their own well-being. This empowerment naturally extends to their daughters, creating a powerful cycle. This not only breaks down barriers to girls’ schooling but also establishes mothers as role models of independence and determination.

@OpenSource DB Speaking about Women’s Equality within the OSDB family, their treatment of women is truly remarkable. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to

be a part of this team.

Sindhuja Chintada(Software Engineer @ OpenSource DB): Women’s Equality is a crucial facet of modern society, emphasizing the need for parity in rights, opportunities, and treatment with men. Throughout history, women have valiantly battled against barriers hindering their progress.

Recent successes and contributions within our nation have showcased women’s resolute dedication, as evidenced by key roles played by female scientists in projects like Chandrayan 3. This message serves as an inspirational call from India to the world, encouraging the embrace of gender neutrality and Equality.

Taraka Vuyyuru (Principal Consultant @ OpenSource DB): The commitment of the EveryWoman Promise within OpenSource DB signifies OSDB’s dedication to aiding women’s well-being within the workplace. This initiative encompasses not only providing assistance for women’s health but also offering guidance on open dialogues about these crucial matters. Also, it involves granting access to informative sessions, reinforcing OSDB’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

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Happy Women’s Equality Day!!!

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