Resources – Data Collector & Data Viewer


  1. These utilities are compatible with most 64-bit Linux distributions.
  2. These utilities must be invoked from a login that has admin privileges on the host machine at both the OS level as well as the database level.
  3. These utilities also need write access on the folder in which they are executed, in order to be able to generate and save the tarball and associated html files.It is therefore recommended to create a new folder, copy these utilities to that folder, and invoke them from there.
  4. Give execute permissions to the utilities by running these commands:
    chmod 500 osdb-collector
    chmod 500 dataViewer

Running the Data Collector Utility:

  1. Goto the folder into which the data collector utility, i.e., the file osdb-collector is copied.
  2. Then run this command:
    ./osdb-collector -p <port_number> <dbname> <dbusername>
    Example: ./osdb-collector -p 5432 postgres postgres
  3. The system will prompt you to enter the database user password. Enter the same.
  4. The data collector utility will now execute and generate a tar ball whose name looks like:

Running the Data Viewer Utility:

  1. Goto the folder into which the data viewer utility, i.e., the file dataViewer is copied.
  2. If the tarball generated by the data collector utility is in a different folder, copy the tarball to the current folder.
  3. Then run this command:
    ./dataViewer <tarball>
    ./dataViewer osdb-collector-xxxxx-5432-20231107-162800-b78062f92b7df3fc481648cac737e42a.tar.bz2

The contents of the tarball would now be displayed in your default web browser.

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