Postgres Practicum

PostgreSQL Practicum

OpenSource DB practicalizes and simplifies database administration with integrated PostgreSQL. The inbuilt security and threat analysis mechanism secures the database and prevents future threats. With regular architecture health checks, we further strengthen the platform to provide optimal security.

In addition, our vast repository provides detailed knowledge on databases and development. For seamless migration and all other services related to PostgreSQL, we are your one-stop solution.

Features in-depth

Professional Services
Loaded with a range of professional services, our database solutions architects perform all the tasks ranging from the simplest to the crucial ones seamlessly. With a customer-centric approach, our professional services are curated to ensure 360-degree customer satisfaction.

Architecture Health Check
Running databases without regular architecture health checks can be disastrous. To prevent that, PostgreSQL Practicum comes with inbuilt Architecture Health Check modules that regularize DB checks, perform automated backups and validate the consistency of the data.

In addition, detailed reports and analytics make it easier to keep an eye on the overall health of the database and identify changes.

In addition, detailed reports and analytics make it easier to keep an eye on the overall health of the database and identify changes.

Security Assessment & Threat Analysis
Customer data is of utmost importance to an enterprise. Thus securing it isn’t just enough in today’s world. To up the game, we offer not just Security Assessment but also Threat Analysis.

Our modules constantly analyze known threats to prevent future attacks and mutating malware. In addition, manifold security layers and authentication processes scrutinize database login, modification and keep track of all changes.

Learning & Development
As experts of critical databases, we not only manage and troubleshoot errors but also offer a vast repository for learning & development. With a collection of industry-standard techniques and in-depth articles, our LMS can provide a piece of thorough knowledge about the subject to the readers.

Migration to PostgreSQL
Backing up data, migrating, importing, exporting, verifying… such a tiresome and difficult process. But with OpenSource DB, migrating to PostgreSQL has never been this easy.

Our migration modules make it an almost seamless and hassle-free task. With the right tools and techniques, our experts ensure the preservation and security of your data by creating encrypted backups. Once done, the migration to PostgreSQL process begins which ends with verifying and ensuring that the process is 100% complete.

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