Pentaho Data Integration with PostgreSQL


Installation : 

  •     Pentaho Data Integration Community 
  •     Edition Ubuntu 16 or above  
  •    JDK 11 and above (Java Development Kit)

Step-1: Downloading the Pentaho Data Integration (PDI/Kettle) Software

Step-2: Extracting the zip file

Step-3: Checking Java Availability

Step-4: Launching Spoon

How to connect with Postgresql Database:

  • Before connecting to spoon we need to authenticate ip address of the pentaho server in pg_hba.conf  file /etc/postgresql/*/main/pg_ident.conf
  • we need to change the isten address from ‘local host’ to ‘*’in postgresql.conf file /etc/postgresql/*/main/postgresql.conf. Locate the line: #listen_addresses = ‘localhost’ and change it to *
  • Restart the Postgresql server 
  • Open Spoon and create a new transformation.

  • Click on OK to close the test window.
  • Click on OK again to close the database definition window. A new database connection is added to the tree.
  • Right-click on the database connection and click on Share. The connection is available in all transformations you create from now onwards.

Next steps : 

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